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Am I a Feminist?

Feminism! The moment people come across this word, they either start vouching or they start voicing their disagreements about the whole concept of feminism.

The reason for disagreements is: at times people fear feminism. A misconception that follows is that feminism will have an undesirable impact on our lives, be it in relationships, society or work opportunities. Remember, true feminism is equality for all.

For me, feminism is a space, a community that is trying to put a balance, a choice that each one can make for them irrespective of gender, and not flip the script against anyone.

And I agree, women have come a long way, but there is room for improvement; be it women holding around 35% of leadership positions only to other global issues, there is still a way to go.

Honestly, even if I understand feminism and backing it up. I don't like being labeled as a feminist or wearing feminism on my sleeve because I don't like the labels. And the very fact that if you call yourself a feminist then you are naturally deemed to be aggressive than progressive.

I like to read books. In fact, I have read quite a few books with a female lead character. And it's not because I like to see a woman have a main character; it's the way a woman is portrayed and her story that's inspiring.

Let me tell you one thing; women sometimes need a female voice to guide them, inspire them, and uplift them on their lows, and cheer them on their highs. A female ally, as they say, it is like getting advice from an older sister and who you can look up to.

And while I look up to other women as an inspiration, if I get a chance to create that safe space, if someone looks up to me as an inspiring person, I would like to be there for the women around me and make that space for them to do their best.

And if that makes me a Feminist being there for my fellow women, then,

Yes, I am a Feminist!

I am happy to see women having their space, having their own identity, choosing for themselves, growing and being strong and capable, be they a student or working women, a mom, a homemaker, or women in their later years. Each woman has her journey and a story to tell. I would love to be there and be a part of this journey with other women, break glass ceilings and meet amazing women.

And perhaps someday, we won't need feminism when we have a safe and equitable space for everyone to thrive.

Theme for 2023 IWD is 'Embrace Equity' which highlights the importance of how gender equity needs to be part of every society's DNA.

Happy International Women's Day!

Keep Growing!

Yours truly,


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