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Celebrating Women's Day!

A day of celebration of women's success and achievements and to appreciate all the wonderful women in our life. Each year international women's day is celebrated on 8th March since years.

International Women's Day provides a much-needed space to ensure their voices are heard and celebrated, and that we can build new opportunities to involve and let her grow at all levels and days of her life.

Being a woman, I have always realized that women have proven again and again that they can go far when people invest in them. And when nurtured will give you the best in the world.

It's rightly said by Oscar Wilde,

"Women are meant to be loved, not understood".

And as Michelle Obama said,

"There is no limit to what, we as women, can accomplish."

Women by nature are more empathetic and sensitive to other feelings, strong and fierce and voice their opinions confidently. This makes them good decision makers and lead fearlessly from forefront in their life.

And while I think being a woman is not easy especially if she is strong willed juggling between voicing her opinions and yet being kind. Trying to strike a balance between her family and career, being a woman is a blessing in it's own way.

Also, each year celebrating women's day, I have seen women achieving their goals, striving for gender equality, being heard by the world, seek their freedom and rights and much more.

But then on the other side, I have seen people saying strong women are difficult to deal with. Why so?

Something to be thought of, right?

As much as this question keeps coming to my mind, I wish that this women's day let's support each other as fellow women than being a competition to each other. Empower men to not only express themselves but to handle strong women in their life.

Lastly, cheers to all the amazing women in my life and all the men who not only respect all women but support them to achieve their goals and let them be themselves.

Also, remembering all those women who keeps inspiring us for the person they are and through their great work.

Finally, since the pandemic days are still there, I have listed here a few simple ways you can celebrate women's day.

  1. Gift something to your fellow female friends/ colleagues/ family member or anyone who inspires you.

  2. Help her completing some tasks or some advice or kind help like moral support or listen out to her.

  3. #ChooseToChallenge and show your support on social media.

  4. Setup a virtual coffee date with a woman in your network.

  5. Donate to charity.

  6. Acknowledge the awesome women in your life.

#ChooseToChallenge is 2021 theme for women's day - Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.

Cheers and lots of love!

Feel empowered.

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