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Christmas musings - Today & Forever!

Hola! Writing here while I am in my pajamas with all the warm vibes in my heart. And why not because the official sweater weather is here. Christmas is here.

The most wonderful time of the year that brings all joy! Be it celebrating in a traditional way or just decorating the Christmas tree, prepping sweets or just enjoying the Christmas cheer around, there is no less way to celebrate Christmas.

Each year I try to plan every thing with a different theme. This year I had planned to get the rose gold decorations but unfortunately those were unavailable. Duh! Never mind, there's always an alternative plan. So for this year, I decided to have a theme in red, white and silver. I bought the decorations in the same color. Planned the gifts that will go out from this lady Santa :D. And then, of course, an every year ritual of decorating the Christmas tree, having wine cake and binge watching Christmas movies will follow.

There is so much cheer and fun around. At times, I wonder why Christmas brings so much joy to me?

Maybe because of all the warm vibes, and everything so good.

I remember when I was small I really liked having a Christmas tree and so my mom always bought a small one for me. Looking back, I realize how Christmas has become a part of my life. And sometimes I feel maybe the joy of Christmas happened to me for a reason. :)

A reason to realize that there is still goodness around and hope. Celebrate the warmness, love, the togetherness of our loved ones and slow down and reflect on our lives.

A time for making memories and time to do what make us happy.

As rightly said by David Cameron,

"Christmas gives an opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us"

And I know while I may or may not get the true spirit of Christmas, I hope it brings joy to all of us and our life filled with not just peace and hope, but also lots of love.

A few things for you to get into the Christmas mode:

  1. Decorate a Christmas tree or just get a small miniature of Xmas tree.

  2. Decorate house in colors of red, green and white.

  3. Read a Christmas book / Watch a Christmas movie.

  4. Add fairy lights to your room.

  5. Listening to Christmas music

  6. Pause the hustle and bustle and go visit the Christmas decor, lights and cheer around.

  7. Be someone's Santa

Here's a list of movies that I have watched and I am planning to watch this holiday season:

  1. The Holiday

  2. Princess Switch Part 1, 2 and 3

  3. Return to Christmas Creek

  4. Home Alone

  5. Let it Snow

  6. Christmas at the Palace

  7. A knight before Christmas

  8. Holidate

  9. Christmas Inheritance

  10. A Cinderella story: Christmas wish

Postcards from me,

Not to forget as said by Peg Bracken,

"Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas."

Merry Christmas! :)

Yours truly,


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