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Do we need International Women's Day?

Each year celebrating international women's day is an opportunity to reflect on the progress made by women, to achieve gender equality, and celebrate women's achievements.

And while this is just a platform to achieve gender equality, I have come across questions like do we need Women's day? Don't women already have rights as men? Why don't we celebrate International men's day with as much vigor as women’s day?

There is a lot of misunderstanding on why we need women's day and why we celebrate it.

I have seen women achieving their goals and voicing their opinions fiercely, and being heard.

Also, I am grateful to have supportive men who are great allies for gender equality. ( I give a shout-out to them on International men's day.)

However, there are still some global issues like wage gap, female infanticide, nine out of ten people being biased against women, and few others to mention.

Why are women being stereotyped for not being ambitious? And if she is ambitious, why is she labeled as being bossy or aggressive?

Why does society blame a woman for ending a relationship? Isn't it the responsibility of both

the individuals in a relationship to maintain it and bring the best out of it?

Why are women called out as demanding?

International women's day is a global celebration to raise awareness about issues concerning women. It is not a day to discriminate against men.

It is not only about the women around us, but women everywhere. It is for those women who still don’t have access to basic human rights.

There is still a long way to go and International women's day (IWD) plays a vital role to address them.

Let's hope together we move in the direction to achieve gender parity and stand up for women not just for a day but throughout the year.

#Breakthebias is the 2022 theme for international women's day - Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.

Happy International Women's Day!

Feel Empowered.

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