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Experience of WFH!

Since the time pandemic has started, most of us are working from home. This has led to working for long hours. And working for long hours means a potential chance of facing health issues.

I started working from home in mid July 2020. Since I have been using a laptop for my personal use, I never felt an urge to have a dedicated workspace as with laptop I had the flexibility to move. But when I got my office computer, it became difficult to accommodate it and work since I did not have a proper set up to maintain it.

I managed to keep it on a table and here for long I used to sit without any support. This took a toll on my health. I got back issues which affected my sleep as well. I tried taking breaks in between my work and do yoga post my work to ease the pain. But it did not help much.

Finally, before it could get worse, I decided to get a computer table and a good chair for me. And yes, that was all I needed. I could sit comfortably in upright position and work without any issues. Also, it gave me a quite office vibes!

I finally setup my workspace :-

1. I bought a computer table and a ergonomic chair. As much as choosing the chair was easy for me, it was difficult to get the right table of my choice especially when I had a fixed budget. Nevertheless, I got a good one.

It is very important to get the work from home setup that we like as we will be spending most of the time working there and there may be times we may get bored. So to stay productive it is important to get the one that suits our needs.

2. After that I made sure I keep the whole setup near a window from where I can get ample of natural light. Natural light brings positivity that can help in being productive. Also, natural light is the best when it comes to clicking good pictures of the art work.

3. Once my desk was setup, I bought few work from home setup essentials and ones that I may need for my day to day work. For example a pen stand, books, notepads, good WIFI connectivity and some plants.

A little greenery around makes you feel refreshed, lower stress, improve air and help to stay focused.

Overall, having a dedicated workspace with good vibes and maintaining a good posture has helped me in not just being productive but also maintain good health. It also helped me in doing my artwork, keeping all the required tools handy and shooting videos of my art work effectively.

Let me know in comments what have you done to set up your workspace at home.

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