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Lessons learnt in lockdown

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

With this pandemic around, there are lot of things that have changed around us. The way we perceive things, the way we deal with certain things has undergone change. It has made us realize not to take things for granted rather enjoy every moment and live in the present moment. Spend our time wisely and with our loved ones.

Among this chaos, trying to cope up with this pandemic situation, I realized and experienced a few things.

These few things were definitely like few lessons learnt for life.

1. Love yourself

We always feel that we should be loved by all and seek validation from outside. We want people around us to do all the right things for us and make us feel special. But what we often fail to realize is that it is also important to love ourselves. It is rightly said, if you cannot love yourself, it is unlikely that you can love someone else. Being busy round the clock and trying to balance between personal and professional life and manage to get all done perfectly, I missed taking time out for myself.

Lesson learnt:

I learnt to devote time to myself,my passion, my physical and mental health. I also learnt to focus on things that would make me happy and bring the best in me.

2. Being Productive

Being busy has become a major part of the millennial lifestyle and by chance if we are not busy, we feel restless. Something similar happened with me. I did not get work from home soon after the lockdown started and this made me feel so anxious. I had nothing to do. I was almost getting a feeling of being jobless. Although I had all the time to do whatever I want to, I was constantly feeling unproductive and that I am losing my edge. Not just that, when I had any conversation with people, some said on a positive note that I have good time to do what I love to do while some judged for doing nothing all day only because I was not working.

Lesson learnt:

I learnt two lessons:

- It’s important to be productive than busy.

- I learnt that one should be careful to whom they open up and whether such people would try to lift me up or put me down.

3. Finding my passion

Being passionate in life is really important and one of the greatest value that add to a person's happiness and state of mind. Passion helps you keep going and grow better as a person. While I was not working and all anxious, I realized my new found passion for Art. Creating art not just kept me productive busy but I also loved what I was doing. Also, since I had enough time, I also balanced reading and gave a book talk on one of the finest books I read.

Lesson learnt:

I learnt no matter what, always try to find things that drive you. Take my word, it really feels

good, therapeutic and benefits you.

4. Have good friends

Having many friends is nice but what we really need is having those few ones who are there to support us through thick and thin, who accept you the way you are and help you grow and bring out the best in you. Friends who are there to cheer you when you feel low, to give you constructive feedback and show right direction.

Lesson learnt:

I learnt and probably realized that not all friendships are same but there are few ones that are just worth keeping forever. Maintain them.

5. Sometimes you just have to let go

In life we may notice people often saying that sometimes we need to compromise. Yes, sometimes we need to. But not always. If we feel that we are not happy and it's only one person who needs to compromise always be at work, in a relationship or anything else. Just let it go. It's not worth being in a place where you are not appreciated.

Lesson learnt:

I learnt it's okay to let go of things that no longer serve any purpose.

6. Be Kind

Everyone in their life are going through their own struggles and trying to cope up. Being kind to one another helps not only to build good relations but makes the world a better place to live in. I also realized, that we often be too hard on ourselves when we make any mistakes and as a human nature we tend to always see the grass is greener on the other side.

Lesson learnt:

I learnt to be there for myself as much as I would like to be there for someone else.

I learnt to be kind and compassionate to myself. I made an effort to incorporate acts of kindness as part of my life and think empathetically about others in different situations.

There are so many other valuable lessons I have learnt through this slowdown in life but above all it made me realize that our own journey matters. Invest time in yourself, what matters to you, follow your dreams, be the person you would like to meet to, be a better version of yourself. There maybe times when you may feel like giving up. Just keep going and believe in yourself.

Finally be happy and stay positive. It is all that matters in the end. :)

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