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Life at it's twist !

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

We at times wonder why certain things happen in our life. At times we are not even ready to accept the new changes in our life. But then as the saying goes change is constant and sometimes change can be beautiful too!

Here are the few words about how things that changed over the time turned out to be a wonderful experience with new opportunities for me.

"Looking back I feel, I never planned for this,

But somehow I strived and survived to my bliss.

I had one friend with whom I could have endless conversations,

Looking at life with all perfection.

A simple and small, yet the best family to have,

I thought, I would be happy with little what I had.

My same work, my same routine, my same old friends,

I had a monotonous life after all at the end.

Blessed with always the best,

No matter what, I was happy in my own nest.

But then God didn't want me to have a simple,

boring life, so he added a twist,

He gave me chances that I would have otherwise missed."

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