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Two sides of the same coin

We meet a lot of different people in our lives. Some stay longer, while some are just visitors. And then some people pop up at intervals in our lives. I remember how my friend and I called these people as 'Seasonal'. Nevertheless, I always believe that one of the crucial parts of our life is the people we meet along the way. Each person adds a different color and goodness to our lives.

It is said, "Keep the good memories you share with people". Well, is it so easy? Especially if you have come across two sides of the same coin.

Recently, I have come across a lot of people. Being a strong woman who knows what she wants in her life, I have learned to express myself clearly. But sometimes expressing oneself too early in a conversation or clearly could make someone mendacious or indecisive.

I was clueless. Was being clear, expressing myself, or being sensitive to certain things wrong? Or was I being vulnerable? I don't know how to describe that moment when I had no answer to what I thought ended as a mature, amicable conversation.

Who was wrong? One who dared to express or one who took a backseat?

So I always believed that every individual is a good person and that the situation makes them act in a certain way. As an individual with all the democratic right to express or not express, I thought it was

probably OK! It is one's individual choice and way of conveying their sentiments.

But is it right? Is it a healthy way of expressing oneself? Or does it simply portray someone's individuality as a person? Or is it that someone is not able to deal with their emotions?

Communication is the heart of any relationship. Expressing oneself not only helps us to deal with our emotions but also helps the other person to understand us better.

As famously said by Nat turner,

Communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity. Effective communication always makes room for a better understanding for all, for growth, building trust, and fulfilling relationships.

And then maybe we all can be kind in expressing ourselves well. Probably chill a bit and be honest!

What do you say? :D

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